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Danube Glass began in 1997 when we first imported mouth blown, clear glass oil lamps into Australia. These were created by individual glass blowers who lived along the Danube river from Austria to Slovak Republic.

We soon wanted to get involved with bigger, bolder, coloured art glass creations, as well as be involved in the creative process. Glass blowing has been a part of the creative culture of central Europe for centuries, so we new this was where quality work would be found, and for over a decade now we have been collaborating closely with the glass blowers in Krosno Poland to bring a range of high quality, mouth blown glass to the Australian market at affordable prices.

Each of our colour range is the result of creative experimentation, we ask the glass blowers to experiment by combining selected shapes and colours to create a unique sequence of pieces. Each shape and colour combination is a limited addition of between 50 to 100 pieces and each has its own characteristics and beauty, with no two identical.

Many of the pieces require a team of two or more glass blowers to create them. Gathering the molten, clear and coloured glass as they build the layers, often passing the piece of molten glass between them, as they work it. All the while constantly reheating it in the furnace to keep it at a precise workable temperature so they can achieve the wonderful results we are after.

The video below will give you a quick insight into the art of glass blowing.

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